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  • Up to 25 pages of the website menu, for example: "About us",  "Our company", "Our services" ;  online store example  website example
  • Up to 3 menu sections with submenus (up to 5 submenus in each);
  • Slider on the main - up to 10 editable frames; disabling the entire slider or individual frames, loading frames;
  • Video posting (; example
  • Download the price list (xls) for downloading from the website;
  • Placing custom photo galleries and connecting them to pages; example
  • Enlarging images and marking them with a domain name;
  • HTML formatting of the text, insert pictures in texts;  example
  • CNC pages, software seo-optimization, manual editing of meta tags of all pages;
  • Sections "Articles", "News", "Blogs" with an unlimited number of publications;
  • Contact page + social networks + address on a Google map + form for sending a letter from the website;
  • Accepting payments online: Visa / Mastercard, Privat24, Yandex-money, WebMoney; example
  • Custom design, fonts (Google fonts) & nbsp; and sizes, blocks and colors;
  • Editable website skin, background and image of the website header; editable labels loading logo;
  • The opportunity to make money on advertising with the placement of an advertising banner (Google AdSense) at the bottom of the pages;
  • Social networks: Vk, Ok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram;
  • Backups and debug mode;
  • Daily page-by-page website statistics by email + statistics online;
  • Visual effects on the website, such as snow in winter. Your site's favicon.
  • Connecting your domain and a free SSL certificate for the secure https protocol of your website.
  • Recommendations for the operation and promotion of the website and, if necessary, the help of a web designer.
  • Constant technical support with a ticket system. Regular updates.
  • Savings on the hosting and development of a separate website.


  • All the functionality and all the features of a business website (see above);
  • Up to 1000 pages with goods; exchange rates of the store and possible linking of the prices of goods to the dollar, euro, ruble or hryvnia;
  • Auto Correction of prices in national currency for goods with prices in foreign currency - when the store rate changes;
  • Up to 5 images of each product, a video for the product and a pdf-document for downloading (for example, a manual) example
  • Description and characteristics of the product, product filters.
  • A ZIP archive with files (instructions, images, presentations ...) for users to download.
  • Labeling of goods with stocks - sale, new, 10% discount, bestseller, super price, stock. Choice of color for stock tags; example
  • See also block on product page - in the form of a slider with similar sentences;
  • Pages of categories of goods and sections of goods; example
  • Product Brand Pages; example, product search;
  • Menu item "Catalog" with a submenu (product categories). For restaurants and cafes - the "Menu" item with a submenu (list of dishes).
  • Order callback “Quick order” on the product pages;
  • Interactive basket of goods; the choice of forms of payment for the goods, the choice of the inscription on the button of goods "Order" or "Buy";
  • Checkout page with sending mail and SMS;
  • The "Orders" block in the admin panel for working with orders.
  • Export of goods to Excel; Automatically updated sitemap.xml

  • Additionally, you can contact designer to make you the perfect design (from $20).

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