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SITE24.BIZ offers mutually beneficial cooperation for domain name registrars, hosting companies and website owners.
The affiliate program offers you as your partner special prices for connecting to the SITE24.BIZ system for users who need inexpensive and functional websites or online stores. The essence of the program is to offer your customers promotional codes for promotional connections to ready-made websites and shops for business in the SITE24.BIZ system. You can offer promotional codes as bonuses or additional benefits for your customers..

When using the promotional code, your client receives a discount, and you, as a partner, receive a deduction. Payment is made to your account or card after using the promotional code by your client, namely when registering and paying for the website or online store in the SITE24.BIZ system. Affiliate discounts are set as a percentage of the promotional price on the SITE24.BIZ website, and can be paid in any of the following currencies (depending on your country): EUR,USD, RUB, UAH. Thus, you can offer your customers promotional prices - lower than on our SITE24.BIZ website, and at the same time you will receive a reward from each client. Remuneration is calculated and paid in USD. Affiliate Settlement Examples

Total cost of a business card website: USD 25 / year
Promotional value for your client ~ USD 21 (only for the first year, further - total cost)
Your reward is USD 4 / year (annually).

The total cost of the online store: USD 50 / year
The promotional price for your customer is ~ USD 42 (only for the first year, hereinafter the full price)
Your reward - USD 8 / year (annually).

Partners receive a reward annually and as long as the client pays for the service. Thus, your income will be USD 4 / year for a business website and USD 8 / year for an online store.

All data will be displayed in your partner panel, but you can check any affiliate website even without going to the panel: if the website is served on SMS "SITE24.BIZ", which means that the client continues to work with the system.

Fill out the form below and click on the "Become an Affiliate" button. All data and your affiliate ID will be sent to your email. To get started, you will need to insert your php-script with a link to the website , to receive data with the generated promotional code and current promotional the prices of a business card website and an online store. You will offer these data to your customers. All promotional codes are one-time and unique, they must be generated when every impression on your website. The promotional code is valid for 10 days, after which it is removed from base and becomes irrelevant. All promotional codes and requests are attached to your website (to your websites - if there are several) to your currency and to your identifier.

Request Code Example(php 5.4+)
$kod=file_get_contents("ваш идентификатор");
// receiving data:  $kod="Dk8sg37F-22-42"; 
$data=explode("-",$kod); //code parsing
$promokod=$data[0]; //promotional code - Dk8sg37F
$price_website=$data[1]; //promotional price of a business website - USD 22.
$price_store=$data[2]; //promotional price online store - USD 42.

After using the promotional code during registration and payment on the website, it is deactivated.

General Partnership Scheme
You are offering your customers a promotional code for a promotional connection to the SITE24.BIZ website or online store. If the customer has used within 10 days with a promotional code and paid for registration, you will immediately receive a notification about this in your email with a request for your details (for the first time) to transfer to you your amount. Affiliate rewards are sent after 14 days, since up to 14 days the client can refuse the service and return the amount paid. By a special link you can always see all connected customers and all your payments and charges.

We connect websites and online stores, including by bank transfer. You will receive your interest on your account or your VISA / Mastercard from each registered client annually, while the client uses the service and makes payment. More interested users - more annual profit. Affiliate program - This is the minimum amount of time on your part and grateful customers.

In the form below you must indicate: your name, your email, currency of settlements and your website or websites from which requests will come. You will be sent a letter with the partner ID, instructions and partnership agreement.


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